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Cook Hearing & Balance has been serving residents of North Austin for over twelve years. We are a passionate group of hearing professionals. In fact, our dedication earned us an award this year, for Cedar Park’s best hearing center.


Hearing ExamHi, I’m Lori Cook, the Owner of Cook Hearing and Balance. For more than a decade, I’ve been helping residents of Cedar Park — individuals just like you — reconnect to the joys of hearing again.

Expectations for a typical visit to our clinic

One of our audiologists will perform a series of audiometric tests. This includes a hearing frequency test, designed to determine whether you have a sensorineural or conductive hearing loss. Treatment may be as simple as cerumen management (earwax removal). A sensorineural loss indicates there is a biological reason for hearing problems. At this point, we may need to review our hearing aid options. Still, we don’t sell you a pair of hearing aids and boot you out the door. Most of our patients come back every four months for a set of batteries and to make sure their hearing aids are cleaned and fully operational.

Cook Hearing and Balance now offers pediatric testing!

If your child is struggling academically, the reason could be due to hearing loss. Fifteen percent of school-aged children have a measurable hearing loss in one or both ears. That’s 5,000 students in Leander ISD alone. Still, we are one of the only clinics in the area that performs audiometric diagnostics on children. The process of testing a child can be quite complex; for this reason, only a licensed audiologist is allowed to dispense hearing aids for kids.

Why don’t you offer an online hearing test?

While online “hearing tests” do exist, they are notoriously unreliable and have no way to verify their validity. Anybody concerned enough to take an online screener would likely benefit from a visit with a hearing professional. Think about it this way: which would be the more credible source, an online screening tool with zero acoustic control or a medical evaluation performed by a licensed clinician who has dedicated their life’s work to hearing health?